Business Solutions

Simplify your business processes with tools to run your business efficiently.

Accepting Payments

Collect funds, accept card payments, and grow your e-commerce with our suite of processing solutions.

  • Re$ubmitIt – a free service to our business customers to collect funds from checks that have been returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF)
  • Remote Deposit Capture – allows our customers to “deposit” checks electronically at remote locations. Paper checks are digitally scanned, and an image of the check is electronically transmitted.
  • eDeposit – don't send your employees to the bank to make deposits - streamlining your funds through electronic deposit will save you both time and money.
  • Merchant Services – services that allow your business to accept credit card as well as other electronic transactions.


Payroll and Employee Services

Offering an extensive range of benefits to your employees is a key factor in keeping a productive and satisfied work environment.

  • ePayroll – complete your payroll in-house with a secure system that takes away personal responsibility of keeping up ever-changing tax codes.
  • Direct Deposit – Pay your employees electronically instead of writing a check. It's convenient, secure, and is a benefit for both you and your staff.
  • Expense Reporting – Easily track expenses and simplify employee reimbursement for your Business Mastercard® or Commercial Mastercard MultiCard with ExpensePoint.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) – put your employees in control of their healthcare expenses while also providing them a means to save for retirement and a healthcare option with tax-free spending.
  • Cafeteria Plan – allow employees to contribute pre-tax income to a flexible spending account.


Reduce Fraud

Feel confident with solutions we offer to protect your business from possible fraud

  • Positive Pay – a service to prevent fraud against you account and ensure stale-dated, voided or stop-pay checks are not paid.
  • ACH Control – monitor the ACH debit activity on your accounts and protect against unauthorized transactions.


Accounts Receivables and Collections

  • eReceivables – eReceivables is an integrated receivables product which automates your credit-to-cash cycle, workflows, and collaboration to improve cash flow.