Streamline Accounts Receivables and Collections for your Business

eReceivables from Bank Central automates your credit-to-cash cycle with Artificial Intelligence (AI), workflows, and collaboration to improve cash flow.

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Optimize Credit and Collections Management

eReceivables is a fully integrated credit and collections management solution that automates manual processes, prioritizes collection activities, and reduces credit risk.

Use with your Accounting Software

eReceivables integrates with multiple accounting and ERP systems to pull and post data automatically.

Automate Cash Application and Receipt Matching

eReceivables combines all payment methods into a single file and matches payments and remittances with open invoices, providing straight-through processing for all payments.

Provide a Portal for your Customers

Your customers can view and download your invoices and attachments, process payments and register disputes via an easy-to-use online platform with your logo – no matter what device they’re using.

Simplify your Collections Process

eReceivables uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) as part of a collection strategy designed to save your business time and money.

Employ Artificial Intelligence (AI)

eReceivables uses AI to assign and prioritize collections on a risk-based scale, focusing collection efforts to maximize return.

Automate Servicing

Email interpretation satisfies customer requests automatically, eliminating time consuming tasks and speeding up response times.

Improve Cash Forecasting

eReceivables predicts expected payment dates using risk profiles to provide accurate cash forecasting.

Manage Disputes with Workflows

eReceivables embeds AI into every element of the process, applying sophisticated automation and workflows to resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

Automate Disputes Processing

eReceivables workflows identify, code, and route disputes to the correct person for quick resolutions.

Integrate with your CRM Platform

Enables real-time collaboration across business units to free up more of your team’s resources.

Analyze and Auto-Approve

Analyzes for issues, identifies root causes, and advances workflows with auto-approvals.

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