Is Working from Your Smartphone Safe? What to Know

Learn how mobile services have become a major cybersecurity risk for businesses and how to protect your companies’ data.

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For many industries, it has become normal for employees to be responsive online by answering calls and emails through their mobile devices. Many companies expect their staff to use personal devices for work purposes. There are many advantages of working from your mobile device, but it has created a rise in cybercrime targeting mobile devices at work.

Companies want mobile devices to be used and employees want to use them. 75% of employees say using their smartphone makes them more productive at work. However, businesses need to be aware of exposure risks of cybersecurity. Remember, smartphones that are not considered a part of the company IT infrastructure may still be able to access and leak sensitive company information and may lack cybersecurity measures to keep devices safe.

What your business can do:

1. Establish Policies:

Create a mobile device policy and establish a formal code of conduct so that your staff understands cyberthreats and the company's vulnerabilities.

2. Educate Your Employees:

Hold your employees responsible for their own mobile device cybersecurity. You can do this by teaching how to keep their devices secure by using strong passwords and antivirus software.

When it comes to malware, the most common factor in what leads to a cyber-attack is human error. Provide your employees with high quality cybersecurity training sessions and make sure they are regularly updated.

3. Limit Data Access:

Limit your employees' access to your businesses data so they only have access to the data they need to do their job. This way, if a mobile device is compromised, it alone will not give a cybercriminal complete access to your company’s files

4. Reduce the Risk of Working from Home:

Working from home can increase your employee’s productivity and staff morale but can be challenging when it comes to cybersecurity. Be on the lookout for the issue of shadow IT, which refers to apps and software that are used on devices without the IT knowing about it. If your IT team does not have access to applications on mobile devices, it can lead to corrupted software or applications and can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Mobile devices have an important role for businesses as they are liked by employees and have become important for businesses to operate. As cybersecurity attacks continue to increase, more must be done to ensure mobile devices are secured the same way as other technology using your business system.

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