Exploring the You're Home App

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Imagine a world where we don’t have handy apps for airlines to keep us updated about our flights. What if there were no Uber or DoorDash apps? How would they function?

Now, thanks to Bank Central’s You’re Home App, you have a tool available to make your mortgage experience easy and efficient!

What to Know about the You’re Home App:

  1. Receive Real-Time Updates

    Stay informed with real-time updates on your mortgage process. This includes important events like when the appraisal was ordered, received, and when the loan is in the underwriting process.
  2. Get Payment Updates

    Get live updates on your payments as changes occur in your homeowner’s insurance and real estate taxes.
  3. Access to Contacts

    Gain full access to important contacts throughout your mortgage journey, including the title company, processor, listing agent, and more!
  4. Stay Connected

    Reach out directly to your Loan Officer (and others) through calls, emails, or messages, making it simple to stay connected when necessary.
  5. Made for You

    The You’re Home App is designed to offer an outstanding mortgage experience, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Don’t have the app yet? Download the You’re Home App and access all your important loan information conveniently in one place!

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