We’ll help you move your direct deposits and auto payments to your new account with Bank Central, AND we notify your old bank for you.

We have everything you need to make switching easy Just do these quick steps.

Find the account that works best for you! Your needs, your wants, your lifestyle. Check out our different account options.

  1. Tell your employer you need to change your direct deposit. Give them your account number and the routing number for Bank Central, which is 086519609. Your employer may have a way for you to automatically update this information, but if they don’t, use this form. Just fill it out and give it to them.
  2. Organize your payments. It’s easy to do with our Online and Mobile Banking. Just search and create new online payees and you’re all set!
  3. Update your card on file. The next time you make an online purchase or log into an online account, make sure to update your card to your Bank Central debit card. Then you’ll always check out with ease.
  4. Wait a few days, then close your old account. Make sure you have all the information you need from your old account before closing it.
  5. Destroy all old bank documents. Secure your personal information by shredding your old account documents, including your debit card and checks. Double check any old bank statements, though, as you might need them for your taxes.

Let’s do this! Call (719) 309-3339 or stop by any location to get started switching your bank accounts.

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