Market-Ready Checklist

Whether you’re a rookie or veteran, staging is essential for attracting potential buyers to your home.

Staged living room

Before you start cleaning, selling, or repairing your home, it’s important to first decide between finding a realtor or selling your home yourself. Collaborating with an agent can help you avoid legal risks, while selling your home by owner can help you save money. After making this vital decision, take a walk through your home to write down the prep work needed before putting up the for-sale sign.

The prep, walk-throughs, repairs, staging, or pricing can all seem slightly overwhelming. The job can seem a lot larger than you anticipated when first deciding to sell your home.

Market-ready tasks can seem chore like. However, you’re preparing to attract buyers into your home, and you want your home to give a good first impression. This means that staging is vital to preparing your house for the market.

The overall goal of staging is to help the buyer envision themselves living in the space. There a multitude of steps to help prepare your home to be attractive and inviting, and allow potential buyers to truly imagine themselves living in your home.

As you continue to prepare your home, follow this list so you don’t miss any details while in the staging process.

Market Ready Staging Checklist

  • Remove extra clutter by packing up any unnecessary items

  • Leave a first impression by organizing closets and pantries

  • Freshen up your home by deep cleaning the carpets

  • Plant new flowers and trim any landscaping

  • Add a plant within your home

  • Clean the front porch and place an accessory (wreath, flowerpot, welcome mat)

  • Touch up paint throughout your home (cover paint chips or marks on the wall)

  • Open and clean windows and freshen curtains

  • Update kitchen and bathroom (faucets, shower curtains, towel racks, paint)

  • Replace old linens with accents (table cloths, hand towels, place mats)

  • Replace old light bulbs

  • Spray room freshener or light a candle (remove odor and freshen your home)

Now that you’ve completed our checklist, walk through your home and consider how you would feel as a potential buyer. Are you missing anything? Adjust your perspective and decide how you can improve each space. Soon, you’ll have your home market-ready.


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