Refer Your Friends to Bank Central!

We love it when our friend group grows!

What is Refer-A-Friend?

Refer-A-Friend¹ is a referral program that allows you to earn money for each of your friends who open a personal checking account with Bank Central.

How to Refer Your Friends

If you’re a current customer, log into your Bank Central Online Banking or Mobile Banking App². You’ll have a custom referral link and QR code, specific to you. Share this link with your friends, or have your friends scan your QR code, to open an account.

Sharing your referral link:

From the Mobile Banking App

Step 1

Select “Refer-A-Friend” from the menu.

Step 2

Choose to share your referral link however you’d like – text message, email, or any way that’s most convenient for you.

Step 3

Once we confirm your friend’s account is open, you’ll receive a notification when we deposit your referral bonus into your account.

From within Online Banking

Step 1

Select the “Additional Services” tab, and choose “Refer-A-Friend” from the side menu options.

Step 2

Click the “Copy Link” button to copy your personalized referral link, and send the link to your friends.

Online banking screen for Refer-a-Friend

Let your friends know how easy it is to bank online with us!

Illustration of a girl sitting on a pile of coins

They'll get access to the tools to make finances a breeze, like our awesome Online Banking and award-winning Mobile Banking App!

Visit any branch location to get a paper Refer-A-Friend that you can personally share with your friends. Spread the word and enjoy the benefits together!

  1. Customers are eligible to receive $50 for every new to bank household referred. $50 will be deposited into a deposit account within ten business days after the new to bank household checking account is funded. Customers can earn up to $500 a calendar year in Refer-A-Friend incentives. Please be advised that referring customer may become aware that you opened an account with us. Reproduction, purchase, sale, transfer, or trade of this offer is prohibited. This is intended for use by friends and family of the original recipient. Publication of this offer on 3rd party sites is prohibited entirely. Any and all referrals after prohibited publication may not be honored for either party. Back to content
  2. Mobile carrier data and text rates may apply. Back to content