Whether you’ve experienced fraud first-hand or not, you’re probably aware of the damage identity theft can do. It’s important for you stay aware and protect yourself from any threats.

To report a lost or stolen credit card, call (800) 445-9272. To report a lost or stolen debit card, call (855) 401-4599.

Always be prepared for potential cyber thieves with these tips:

  • Never disclose personal financial information - This is in any format, online, text, phone, or email. Unless you are in a banking location or call our customer service line, we will not ask you for any personal identifiable information.
  • Don’t mess with emails you aren’t expecting - Attachments or links connecting to a suspicious email might install malware onto your computer. If you’re interested in an email that look suspicious, try manually typing in the URL instead of clicking on the link.
  • Keep anti-virus software up-to-date - Keeping your anti-virus software updated protects you from new potential new viruses. Some programs offer an “auto-update” feature, where regular updates are made for you automatically.
  • Stay alert online - Keeping yourself safe online means having a suspicious attitude, especially if you’re making purchases. If your account has suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to report it to the bank.
  • Disable lost/stolen devices - If your phone, tablet, or laptop are missing, disable them immediately. Contact your cell phone provider, if needed. Always use passwords on your devices.