Forbes’ Best Banks in America list and Bank Central

Bank Central is a part of Central Bancompany Inc., which is ranked the fourth best bank in America by Forbes Magazine for 2021.

Bank Central is a division of The Central Trust Bank, which is a subsidiary of Central Bancompany, Inc. Collectively, we manage more than $17 Billion in assets, 13 regional banks, serve more than 70 communities, as well as operate numerous subsidiaries.

Every year, Forbes Magazine publishes a list of the Best Banks in America. The list started in 2008 as a method of ranking the safest and most stable banks in America during the financial crisis.

Forbes included Central Bancompany Inc. within the top ten on the first list it created. Since the first year, Forbes Magazine expanded the list to include 100 banks, and showcases it as a ranking of the top best banks in America.

Forbes’ Best Banks in America list ranks banks on growth, credit quality, and profitability. These metrics help demonstrate Bank Central’s commitment to strength and stability. These metrics also evaluate total assets, non-performing assets, and efficiency, along with many others. To learn more about these metrics, you can view Forbes’ list of America’s Best Banks.