How the Digital Refer-A-Friend Process Works

What is Refer-A-Friend?

Refer-A-Friend is a referral program that allows you to earn money for each of your friends who open a personal checking account with Bank Central.

How Refer-A-Friend Works

If you’re a current customer, log into your Bank Central Online Banking or Mobile Banking App. You’ll have a custom referral link and QR code, specific to you. Share this link with your friends, or have your friends scan your QR code, to open an account.

3 people sharing links to Refer a Friend

Sharing your referral link:

From the Mobile Banking App

Step 1

Select “Refer-A-Friend” from the menu.

Step 2

Choose to share your referral link however you’d like – text message, email, or any way that’s most convenient for you.

Step 3

Once we confirm your friend’s account is open, you’ll receive a notification when we deposit your referral bonus into your account.

From within Online Banking

Step 1

Select the “Additional Services” tab, and choose “Refer-A-Friend” from the side menu options.

Step 2

Click the “Copy Link” button to copy your personalized referral link, and send the link to your friends.

Online banking screen for Refer-a-Friend

Customers are eligible to receive $50 for every new to bank household referred. $50 will be deposited into a deposit account within ten business days after the new to bank household checking account is funded. Customers can earn up to $500 a calendar year in Refer-A-Friend incentives.

Mobile carrier data and text rates may apply.