Where is your happy place?  Some like the relaxation of a city park, others like the mountains, and still others prefer the quiet solitude of the woods. 

When it comes to her happy place, there is no doubt about it - Brandi loves the beach. 

Although Brandi seemingly can’t live without the sun on her face and sand between her toes, home is where her heart is. With three kids at home, they are always busy so time is short.  But there is always an excess of love.  And that makes Brandi love coming home - even more than the beach.

That’s where she helps you.  As a mortgage loan officer with a wide experience base in many fields of banking, Brandi not only knows what loan is best for you, but also which mortgage makes the best sense for your long term financial success. 

So, even if you like the beach, Brandi knows your home is where your heart is.  She’ll take you there.